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Welcome to

Welcome to the place online to find the meaning and origins of your surname. The site features over 2,000 surnames from around the world, have a look around and I'm sure you will find yours.

If you find a surname that isn't currently on the site then sign up and add it yourself, you can either add the meaning and origin yourself or we will do it for you.

Everyone has one, so here at your disposal, is the best directory of surnames on the Internet. This site features thousands of surnames, giving you the opportunity to trace the origin of your surname, what it means, and consequently the potential to trace the genealogy of your family tree.

Your surname links you to thousands of people around the world, and the development of surnames, and their unique qualities are something that have enthused and excited people for many years.

Your surname is your last name, your family name, and gives you a sense of belonging to that group of people. Surnames originated in places where highly concentrated populations meant that first names were not sufficient enough to differentiate between.

Therefore the variation in the meaning behind a surname is wide and far reaching. In some areas around the world, the surname is written first, but the aim of the surname is still moulded from the same common goal, to differentiate people from other groups.

The mission of this website is to provide you with easy access to those meanings and the potential to start your trip into the world of genealogy. Many people do not know the meaning of their surname, or where it originated, and this site offers you the chance to take the first step in really understanding where you came from and why your family took the surname that they did.

The definitions and the reasons for surnames differ across the world, but a common theme is that of describing the person either through their looks, where they are from, or their occupation. This makes the study of surnames extremely important, and also interesting.

This site gives you the opportunity to research the meaning of your own surname, and also those of your close relatives and friends. Through our database we are giving you the potential to discover your families origin, and that first step in understanding how your family has developed across the years.

We all have a surname, a last name, a family name, so why not start your journey today and begin to understand why you have the surname that you do, and the meaning behind it. Keep coming back to the site for more information in our ever-expanding database of surnames from around the world.